I'm Dyin' Here


A humor columnist faces his own death alongside the death of a once-heralded community newspaper.

Long Beach Press-Telegram writer Tim Grobaty was promoted to columnist at his newspaper back when it was still a glamorous and coveted job. In I'm Dyin Here, the author means two things: He'll likely die at the job that he's spent nearly four decades doing, and at the same time his profession, too, is seeing its last days. Weaving together personal history and a selection of columns written over the course of his storied career, Grobaty offers readers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a dying breed: the local columnist. With everyday life, fatherhood, holidays, suburbia, and random encounters with animals serving as fodder for his column, Grobaty reveals his sources of motivation and vulnerability, all the while struggling to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing industry.

** Gold-medal winner of 2017 Foreword INDIES Book Award and silver-medal winner of 2017 Independent Publishers Book Award **

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