Publisher's Notebook

Three Reasons to Order from Our Online Shop

As I said in my last blog, it’s almost impossible to compete with the ginormous dickhead that is Amazon. But it’s so much better for our authors (and for the business) when you order straight through our shop that it behooves us to get a little creative in an attempt to lure you away from the behemoth and gently balance things out. So here goes:

    From now on, we’ll be wrapping all of our books the Julie Andrews way — and if you don’t get that reference, we can’t be friends anymore — at no extra charge. Every single book ordered directly from our shop will come pre-wrapped, with one of our snazzy stickers on the front. Yep, it’s adorable, and, if you’re ordering a gift, it’s saving you some wrapping paper.


    Starting TODAY, we’re offering all Brown Paper Press subscribers a lifetime of free shipping on all orders. We can’t really afford to do this for every-damn-body, but we can certainly do it for some. Think of it as a “Prime” membership with no actual cost to you. When you subscribe, if you haven’t already, we’ll send you a discount code you can use on all your orders. (The code may change from time to time, but all subscribers will be notified before that happens.)


    This might seem lame, but it’s the truth. Small presses are usually passion projects, and for good reason, but they are also businesses. And if the bottom line doesn’t match up to that figure at the top of the page, we can’t keep doing this forever. We don’t necessarily need more people to buy our books, but we do need people who want our books to buy them at our shop whenever possible. That small gesture alone will help keep us going for years to come.