Book News

We Exhaust Ourselves at Book Fest

We had a helluva time this weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books. It was truly exhausting being "on" all the time — but we loved meeting so many readers and writers... and writers and writers and writers. (THERE WERE SO MANY WRITERS!) We even got a bunch of pitches — including some genuinely interesting ones — and were thrilled to double the size of our mailing list by giving away our "totes adorbs" totes. (Jesus, did I really just write that? Kill me now.) 


• Chatting with Johnny from Akashic Books — the Brooklyn-based publisher whose company EXPLODED after publishing Go the F**k to SleepCan we please have that happen to us now? Please?

• A visit by Manchester, England-based Ryan Doyle of the design duo DR.ME, which designed the cover for Burden by Water

• Watching Kramer chat up festival-goers in front our booth. (And, yes, we did set it up so our logo would be in the shot. What?)

• Checking out one of our (many) favorite bands, I See Hawks in LA, which played on the stage right behind us. 

• Hearing that some folks had shown up at the Jane Austin Society booth (next door to ours) wondering if the author was going to be signing books. Um. Yeah. She's been dead for 200 years, but it's great to hear you're such a big fan. 

Anyway, for those who came out, THANK YOU! And for those who bought books, THANK YOU x 100. :-)