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‘ParentShift’ is Now Available on Audible


Well, we did it. We managed to produce for our first audiobook.

It was something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but the time and expense of it all was always a turnoff. With funding from the authors, however, it was doable — and yada yada yada ParentShift is now available on Audible .

A lot of people have asked whether the authors — Linda, Ty and I — if we planned to narrate, but the truth is, narrating is hard! It is truly an art form. And while I love the intimacy of author-narrated works, I also wanted to ensure that listening to our audiobook would be a pleasant experience. Morning commutes are bad enough without annoyingly unskilled narrators blaring through your speakers.

Julie Slater

Julie Slater

Fortunately, ACX — an audiobook production company — offered a small army of choices for us. I don’t know if it’s normal to have more than 100 people audition for one job, but that’s what happened when we put out our call for narrators. There were so many good ones — but none as spot-on perfect for the job as Julie Slater, an LA voice actor. She provided an even, professional, high-quality read while still being accessible, warm and inviting in her tone. The perfect partner for us on this journey.

And, bonus! Now I know how to produce an audiobook. Another item crossed off Brown Paper’s bucket list!