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Just a Treasure Trove of Cool Stuff About Our Latest Book Is All

Cover design by Joan Wong.

Cover design by Joan Wong.

Of all the aspects of bringing a book to life, the cover design is, by far, one of the most fun. We have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful designers here and abroad, but none as well known as Joan Wong, the designer for our latest book, Trove: A Woman’s Search for Truth and Buried Treasure (Sept. 19, 2019). As of today, this beauty is officially available for pre-sale here on our site.

Shipping is free on all orders and because this author is cool AF, the first 50 people who order the book also will receive an item from Sandra’s real-life trove—along with a handwritten note. No joke.

[UPDATE: We have already reached 50 copies sold, but please go here to enter our giveaway. If chosen, we’ll send you an advanced copy of Trove as soon as we have them in hand!]

That said, if you love Jeff Bezos and would rather help him build his personal trove, that’s just fine, too. The book will be available for pre-sale on Amazon, and lots of other places, very soon!

Now, back to Joan Wong. Joan is responsible for so many award-winning covers; the gallery below shows some of our favorites. Did y’all read All the Birds, Singing yet, by the way? So, so good.

We were thrilled to get to work with Joan on this one, and hope you love Trove’s cover as much as we do. But if you don’t, just keep it to yourself, yeah? It’s kind of too late for that. We’ve already named the baby, if you know what I mean.

So here’s our synopsis of Trove:

Trove is the story of a woman whose life is upended when she begins an armchair treasure hunt—a search for $10,000 worth of gold coins buried in New York City, of all places—with a man who, as she points out, is not her husband. In this eloquent, hilarious, sharply realized memoir, Sandra A. Miller grapples with the regret and confusion that so often accompanies middle age, and the shame of craving something more when she has so much already.

In a very real way, Miller has spent her life hunting for buried treasure. As a child, she trained herself to find things: dropped hair clips, shiny bits of broken glass, discarded lighters. Looking to escape from her volatile parents and often-unhappy childhood, Miller found deeper meaning, and a good deal of hope, in each of these objects.

Now an adult and facing the loss of her last living parent—her mother who is at once cold, difficult, and wildly funny—Miller finds herself, as she so often did as a little girl, pressed against a wall of her own longing. Her search for gold, which soon becomes an obsession, forces her to dredge up painful pieces of her past, confront the true source of her sorrow, and finally discover what it is she has been looking for all these years.

Still not sold? Then listen to what Andre Dubus III, New York Times bestselling author of House of Sand and Fog, has to say about Trove:

“For so many of us, the obsessions of our future selves are sown in the wounds of our past,” Dubus writes. “This is so clearly the case with Sandra Miller, an immensely gifted memoirist for whom the search for treasure has been, among other things, a life-long search for beauty, for safety, for the revealing of secrets that may become a sanctuary for love. The prose here is spare yet lyrical, evocative and painstakingly honest, and Trove, itself, is a treasure.”