Publisher's Notebook

Can You Spare a Moment in the Name of Literature?

Right off the bat, if you're here reading the blog of an independent press just for fun, we're inclined to think that yes, you can space a minute for literature. It's a noble thing, and we commend you for it. 

Here's the deal: we're pretty new, as you know from your reading of our blog (thanks!) and we're still figuring out how things work around here. But, we do know that our communities are what make us great, so we're trying to harness the power of ours. We wrote a short survey (super short, promise—only ten questions) and we'd really appreciate your input. Plus, at the end, you can choose which of our amazing titles you'd like a free ebook of. We get some new insights to our lovely readers and you get an awesome book to read; everyone goes home a winner. 

If you'd like to help us out and get a free ebook, please take the survey here. You're the best, and we love you. Thanks for your minute.