Three Reasons to Order from Our Online Shop

As I said in my last blog, it’s almost impossible to compete with the ginormous dickhead that is Amazon. But it’s so much better for our authors (and for us) to order straight through our shop that it behooves us to get a little creative —in an attempt to lure you away from the behemoth and gently balance things out.

Our Newest Treasure: 'Trove'

When you publish as few books as we do, every one needs to be fantastic. That’s my philosophy, at least. There have been a lot of “almost-fantastics” that have come our way in the last year — more and more every day, thankfully. But none of them reached out and grabbed me until September—when I received Sandra Miller’s debut, Trove.

Publishers Have Dads, and Sometimes Those Dads Die

When I started this blog last March, my intention was to write regularly about what it’s like to be a small book publisher, to pull back the curtain and expose how things really work around here. But within weeks of starting the blog, my dad was given a terminal diagnosis. The cancers — yes, plural — that he’d been staving off for years had finally made their move, and this wonderful human began his long goodbye.