BPP's Latest Book is 'Raw and Unforgettable,' Writes Critic

A review for Peter Gajdics' The Inheritance of Shame is set to run in Foreword Reviews' May/June edition, but there's no dang way we're waiting that long to share a few snippets with you. 

"Raw and unforgettable," writes critic Paige Van de Winkle in an advanced proof we received this week. "With its stark presentation of the tangible effects of not only homophobia, but xenophobia — his mother's time in a concentration camp, and his father's own traumatic WWII experience — this book is appallingly appropriate in these times."

And this:

"In a book that celebrates and embodies the power of the medium of writing in a pure way, Gajdics uses the written word to heal from trauma, to reconcile with his parents, to unearth their own suffering in World War II, and as an unforgettable call for compassion."

And, finally, this:

"The passionate writing makes the book not only an intriguing read but an important one in the literary and political realms."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Thanks, Foreword

Update: The review is now live online, and has been named an Editor's Pick.