We've been busy, okay?

Tim Grobaty in the Press-Telegram newsroom: July 7, 1985

Tim Grobaty in the Press-Telegram newsroom: July 7, 1985

Okay, yeah, we are giving ourselves a D- on keeping up with this blog. It's shameful, really, but we will be getting back on track beginning... wait for it... NOW!

First, if you have a chance, check out Wendy's bit on a new public radio podcast called But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids where she tackles the question posed by a 6-year-old girl from Kansas. "Why do people have so many religions?" Good question, right? The answer is pretty good, too.

Second, speaking of podcasts, be sure to listen to Alan Rifkin talk about his new book BURDENS BY WATER on The How The Why podcast โ€” which is produced by an excellent nonprofit in Orange, Calif., called the 1888 Center. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Staniec, 1888's founder and executive director, and are especially excited about collaborating with in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

And, third(ly), if you haven't seen Tim Grobaty on C-SPAN's BOOK TV yet, you really should. He does a great bit on his book I'M DYIN' HERE and on what it was like to work in a newsroom when "newspapermen" were the gateway to pretty much all our information. Here's a picture of Tim in the newsroom in 1984; that should give you a clue.