Out on Tour, 'Hand of God' Dave Alvin Throws Support Behind BPP Authors

Not everyone knows the music of singer/songwriter/producer/poet Dave Alvin. But those who do think he's great. And not "great" like the day you had yesterday, but, like, Jesus great.

Case in point: Our friend Harry. When we told Harry that Alvin had plugged Brown Paper Press and its authors at the launch for Alan Rifkin's Burdens by Water and Tim Grobaty's I'm Dyin' Here, he didn't mince words.

"That is like the finger of God coming down and touching you," he said. 

Under these circumstances, we thought it appropriate to include the entirety of Alvin's message — which was hand-delivered to the launch party by fellow musician and songwriter Stanley Wycoff (whose music we also love. Check out Two Sisters to hear an example of his amazing collaborative work.) 

Dave Alvin is out on tour with his brother Phil Alvin (both founding members of the Blasters) promoting their new album Lost Time. I like to think that's the only reason he wasn't there, imparting his Greatness upon us in person.

Here's his message.

"Congratulations to Alan Rifkin and Tim Grobaty on the publication of their new books. Mr. Grobaty is one of my favorite music journalists, with a smart, perceptive and often humorous view of the complex workings of the music world. Mr. Rifkin is a great rock and roll writer. Not that he writes about rock and roll, but he writes like a true rock and roller: Sharp, brave, curious, a touch sarcastic and more than a little wild. His words can make you think, shout, dance and maybe even cry. I also want to commend Brown Paper Press for having the taste and wisdom to give a forum to two distinctive voices of Southeast LA County. Best of luck to everyone."

We humbly thank you, Dave, and hope you have a (Jesus) great tour.