Go Ahead — Judge Our Books By Their Covers

Exciting news! We've finalized the covers for both of our February 2016 releases — Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir by Alan Rifkin and I'm Dyin' Here: A Life in the Paper by Tim Grobaty.

We searched high and low to find the right cover art for Burdens by Water. In fact, we went all the way to Manchester, England. Well, we didn't physically go there, but that's the home of the multi-disciplinary design studio of DR.ME, aka Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards (Eddy). Jennifer first spotted their work in Osso Magazine and was immediately struck by their amazing collages. This layered, surrealist approach was the perfect match for Alan's series of far-flung adventures; one image would never have been sufficient. The hands gripping the mountain and the odd, oversized pool set into the landscape perfectly capture the pathos of the Southern California dream. Yep, we could meditate on DR.ME's creations all day long. Luckily, we'll all be seeing a lot more of DR.ME in the future. The studio is working on a book about the use of collage in contemporary graphic design called Cut That Out, which will be published in Autumn 2016 by Thames & Hudson.

We found our other designer much closer to home. Evan Backes Design is based right here in Long Beach. We were fans of Evan's work before we even knew who Evan was, and likely you are too. You know those art books that chronicle rock climbing and surfing through the decades? The ones with beautiful photography and clean layouts? The ones that make you want to quit your day job, don your Patagonia, and set out on an adventure? Those are Evan's designs. So who better to capture the shenanigans of our very own man-of-the-street, Tim Grobaty. Sure, Tim's not scaling walls in Yosemite or getting barreled in the South Pacific in I'm Dyin' Here, but he's talking about life and death. And Evan's black and white color scheme and pixilated portrait elegantly evoke the parallel tracks—professional and personal—outlined in Tim's latest book. Evan has provided art direction for an amazing roster of clients such as Roxy, SALT Optics, True Religion, Vans, The North Face, and T. Adler Books. Brown Paper Press is thrilled to be in such good company.

Many thanks to Ryan, Eddy and Evan for your amazing work!